Allen Vallejo







Allen aims to collaborate with international architectural firms and social iniciatives around the world to narrate daily life within contemporary architecture. His main focus is to capture people and the social context of architecture, observing the way it is used and inhabited.

For the past 30 years or so, Allen has ventured through portrait, architectural and aerial photography, product shot, editorial, fashion and automotive photography. He was born in Guadalajara Mexico, in 1969. His father was a portrait photographer who introduced him to photography since his early years. His activity as a photographer began at age 13 shooting for local architects and construction companies. 

At the age of 25, he moved to Mexico City and began shooting for L’Oréal and for Harper´s Bazaar and Elle magazines. At that time, he was also hired by Grupo Posadas, a major hotel chain in Mexico to shoot a couple of their hotels. Since then, Allen has gotten absolutely thrilled about architectural photography for hotels, collaborating with NH Hotels, Hilton Hotels and signing a major contract to shoot all the Camino Real Hotels, one of which is the iconic hotel Camino Real Polanco designed by Ricardo Legorreta, a well-known Mexican architect. The final photos of this hotel eventually reached the office of Legorreta who prompted Allen to shoot the Labyrinth Museum in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Since then, Allen has been shooting for Legorreta´s office and for other well-known Mexican architects.

In 2013, Allen was invited to shoot for Catalonia Hotels at Riviera Maya, producing architectural photography without any people. Being in the area also gave him the chance to sign a contract with Riu Hotels. They asked him to shoot their hotels but with plenty of people at every shot. These two projects turned out to be a key reason to reconsider his past professional labour shooting architecture while excluding people and contrasting it with the shooting of human activity within architecture.

In 2015, Allen landed a major editorial project to shoot the constructive process of the International Museum of Baroque in the City of Puebla Mexico, designed by 2013 Pritzker Laureate, Mr. Toyo Ito.